offers “everything (inedible) for eating, drinking, cooking, entertaining and giving” and is the brainchild of former Lawyer/Tax Advisor Miriam Fogarty, a foodie with an infectious enthusiasm for cooking, living and the whole lot in between.

In 2005, Miriam hung up her professional boots to devote time to her family and home life. Three years later was launched as a blog to take the ‘gulp’ out of cooking, baking and entertaining. In 2009, after visiting a trade fair, Miriam decided to source her favourite products and figured that Christmas was coming and irrespective of a credit crunch people would still be buying, even if their budget was a fraction of what it had been in previous years.

After trying, without success, to secure a city centre pop-up shop in Edinburgh, for the 6 week period in the run up to Christmas, Miriam cleared the furniture out of her living room, plugged in her card machine and told/emailed everyone she knew that a shop had “popped-up” in her home! now offers an endless array of wonderful eye-catching pieces, whether for functional or aesthetic purposes, to suit every budget and occasion. If you’re looking for tools you can’t live with out or an excuse to take another route on your culinary journey, has everything from Eisch champagne glasses (exclusive in the UK/Ireland to, Dutch designed Duet Bella Ronde Green Metallic Teapot and the fabulous Riedel Black Tie Amadeo Decanter.

Miriam's Biography

Miriam started cooking nearly 20 years ago and since then has learnt that some things are beyond anyone’s control, so she taught herself to remain calm, to improvise and sometimes to completely wing-it! It was during the late 80s at the start of a twenty year spell as a lawyer/tax consultant Miriam became aware of the thrill and delight in finding (and buying!) eye-catching pieces. From the early nineties, cooking and entertaining became an additional channel for her creative juices and in 1996/7 she set up Kaffe Politik, a cafe/restaurant in Edinburgh. Still in her “day job” Kaffe Politik was managed by Ali Walker and pioneered a range of freshly squeezed juices, ‘real’ hot chocolate, tea infusions and the full range of coffees. At that time, the only similar offering was at Cafe Nero in Regent Street, London.

As for “entertaining” (she shares her motto with the French genius Billiart) her role is to spoil and indulge everyone she invites to her home and if the food happens to “work” or be fabulous...fantastic. Miriam believes that no matter how technically tasty a meal is, if it is made with resentment, reticence and/or stress, it sticks in the throat. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband and 3 children.