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My Table Salad Servers
Salad server
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Biscuit Bowl

Biscuit Bowl
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The company's motto is “designed to be used”. Guzzini products are not designed to be kept religiously in drawers or cupboards and only brought out on special occasions.  They are to be used and re-used for daily pleasure, so that every so often you suddenly realise that you have a well-designed item in your home that makes daily living a little easier.  Guzzini’s research is aimed at quality of daily life, making every moment of the day special.

The result is a vast catalogue full of all types of items for the table, the kitchen and the home.They are all beautifully designed but easy to use, very familiar, inexpensive and extremely practical.

Design is at the heart of Guzzini’s corporate philosophy. The company has received many prestigious International Design Awards, such as the Compasso d’Oro, Design Plus, Good Design Award, IF Product Design Award and Red Dot Award. In addition, a number of Guzzini products are on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (link to the Stella Ice bucket in Shopping  ) and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London,


Fratelli Guzzini was established nearly a century ago (in 1912) by Enrico Guzzini, a man with an open mind who drew upon his experiences, including those abroad, to set about re-launching an ancient craft - producing elegant ox horn items.

Subsequently, around 1938, another generation of Guzzini started a small revolution by manufacturing household items using Plexiglas.  From that time, the company's history has been characterised by a series of decisively innovatory milestones.  With the introduction of moulded acrylics at the beginning of the 1960s, Raimondo Guzzini's contemporary intuition sought to give the company a more open approach to business by importing  the creative concepts of some of the best minds in design, starting with Luigi Massoni.

After all this time, the main impetus behind this development of Guzzini continues to come from a team of managers that share the same passion for innovation, as well as the same surname: Guzzini. The business is owned by the 6 children of Mariano Guzzini. Five of them are engaged in the business which, in addition to Fratelli Guzzini S.p.A. (the household accessories company), also includes iGuzzini illuminazione S.p.A. (lighting fixtures), Teuco Guzzini S.p.A. (sanitary units, kitchen sinks and bathroom furniture).

Fratelli Guzzini are dedicating much effort to an appropriate relationship between the items with which we surround ourselves and their impact on the environment.The business is  acutely aware that every product should be designed keeping a sharp eye on its environmental cost. Guzzini thermoplastics can be recycled and re-used over and over again, being reborn with new shapes and colours for new uses.

The technicians at the Guzzini Lab - the company’s in-house research and development centre - are constantly experimenting with unique combinations of materials, working very closely with designers to offer them the widest range of possibilities for the development of their projects, in particular,  the  need to design products that will not pollute the planet and that are environmentally-friendly in all stages of their life, from rationalising the resources used to manufacture them to containing the energy required to recycle them.

Foodesign, an initiative that combines food, design of objects and philosophy of life, where great chefs, food experts, sociologists and designers have got together to come up with tools that are designed to be used for the rest of this millennium. The main ingredient in this recipe is a well-tempered optimism!


Favourite Sagaform Product
Champagne / Long Drinks Glasses

Champagne Glasses
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Sagaform means products that give pleasure and bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

The Sagaform brand stands for fun-filled, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the table – indoors and out. Items you’re pleased to give as gifts but which you would also be happy to have yourself.

Sagaform. a Swedish business, was created in 1994 and has rapidly become a leader in  Nordic design. The company’s products are developed and designed in-house by Sweden’s foremost designers, based on genuine Swedish design tradition.

Sagaform is a member of the  New Wave Group AB, which also includes companies such as Orrefors Kosta Boda, Sea Glassworks, Craft and Seger.


Favourite Herstal products:

X Tools Bowl and Servers

X Tools Bowl and Servers







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Herstal stands for a tradition of attractive Scandinavian design for living.

Continuous innovation in design and product development is regarded as essential to the Herstal brand so that its designs remain at the cutting edge of developments and trends.

Lotte and Martin Herstal started Herstal in 1988 with a little shop in Denmark that sold halogen lighting. Initially the sole focus  of these two innovators was lighting but since 2002, Herstal has come to represent utility art with a range of attractive, smart objects for living.

Today, Herstal has approximately 50 employees.

Cilio Favourite Products:

Salt and Pepper Mills with choice of grinds (1 to 6, fine through to course).

Pepper mill
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Wine and Champagne Savers (single action!)

Wine Saver
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Cilio is brand which stands for high-quality table accessories combined with timeless design and high functionality. The company's moto is "exclusive table culture" which puts customer's needs, wishes and demands at the centre.

Cilio places great emphasis on combining quality materials with striking design, excellent craftsmanship,industrial processing and perfect usability.

Cilio's aim is to  continue to discover market-oriented and innovative products for  consumers, to provide them with more experience, joy and life back home.


In 1993, the company was founded, based in Solingen, Germany.

In 2001, its profile increased dramatically with the launch of the milk frother AEROLATTE ®, which, has been often copied and much immitated since.

In 2008 cilio introduced a completely new range of Pepper and Salt mills with a self-developed high-quality stainless steel grinding mechanism on the pepper mills and  a high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism for salt mills.